Bangkok Rundown – Same Same, but Different


Quick Facts 

  • So.Many.Temples
    Wearing the most ridiculous outfits. Visiting temples means sweating so much! You have to wear long pant/skirt and cover your shoulders.


  • Bangkok is the capital of Thailand
  • Currency is the Thai Baht

How We Got Here
Took a boat from Koh Tao to mainland and then an overnight train to Bangkok.

The bottom beds are better than the top. At the top you get all the light from the roof light and its harder to sleep.
There is zero privacy as the beds are at either side of the corridor that runs through the middle of the train. There are no private cabins and the lights stay on all night.
The food cart that sold no food. Only coffee, water and tea. BYOFood

Where To Stay
Somewhere in Silom Road

Where We Stayed
At a specialty lodging called Smile Society. In general it was ok but not great. Location was very good for us, very central, and easy to walk or catch public transport. We got a private room, it was quite small. The lady wasn’t home when we arrived so the check in process took forever because there was no one to open the door.

How We Got Around
Subway- very easy to navigate and cheap.
Taxi- you gotta make sure you jump in one of the green/white ones and ask them to run the meter, if they don’t run the meter just take another one.
Tuk tuk- way more expensive than taxis so just once for fun and prenegotiated.

IMG_1249What We Did
TUE, MAR 10 – Travel day. Food. Patpong Road.
WED, MAR 11 – Cooking Class. Massage. Sushi. Cowboy Soi. Kho San Road.

Cooking class  with Chef Leez

THU, MAR 12 – Temples. Massage. Muay Thai Fight.

DCIM101GOPROGOPR3517.20150312_220157FRI, MAR 13 – Rest day

Where we ate and drank
Gaggan – We were meant to go to Isao sushi but it was fully booked when we called so we opted for this one since I had it on my list of recommendations. Not knowing much about the place and after attempting to call for reservations and not getting through we decided to just head there. It was fully booked but since we got there as soon as they opened, they managed to accommodate us for an early dinner.

We made it inside!! 🙂

The place was quite fancy and had a progressive dinner style. We had to pick between a 16 or a twenty something course menu. We went for the “basic” 16 course.


Every course was quite small, but the texture, presentation and taste was just amazing.


Everything was served in a very unique way and had unprecedented flavors. Later we found out, just the day before they got awarded #1 restaurant in all of Thailand. A must go if you can splurge a bit.


Isao sushi – This delicious sushi place was recommended by a friend of blaise. It’s fairly small and always packed, so reservations are also recommeded. One of the rolls we had was not in the menu but the couple next to us had it and it was amazing. It’s called Lava Maki. Every other roll was super fresh and yummy.

Sky Bar This bar, as it’s name suggest is close to the sky, at the rooftop of Lebua Hotel. The drinks are expensive (~USD$20) but worth getting there at sunset, having one drink and enjoying the gorgeous evening views of the city.



Maggie Choo’s – Right after having a drink at the Sky bar we crossed the street over to this super cool lounge on silom road next to Novotel.

Other things we did

  • Chef Leez cooking class – We cooked ourselves an awesome 12 course lunch. The class was well worth the money, very fulfilling, entertaining and we learned a thing or two. Here is my review.
    Showing off my chopping skills

    The place isn’t fancy, but the cooking is wonderful!
  • Muay Thai fight – Definitely worth doing while in Bangkok. Blaise and I bought floor seats, more expensive but closer to the action. It’s great to take close up shots, and see the sweat and tear, however most locals are up in the stands betting, cheering and being rowdy which seemed pretty fun.DCIM101GOPROGOPR3649.DCIM101GOPROGOPR3633.


  • Explored Kho San Road and Soi Cowboy areas

    Of course, we ate some scorpions while exploring..
  • Temples – Grand Palace & Wat Pho (reclining Buddha)20150312_141132DCIM101GOPROG0613490.DCIM101GOPROG0643553.



  • Walked around Lumphini Park

And that was pretty much most of what we did in Bangkok. Unlike what a lot of people say, we didn’t get tired of Bangkok after two days and actually found that there is plenty to see and do there. This was actually Blaise’s second time visiting and he enjoyed it a ton!

2 thoughts on “Bangkok Rundown – Same Same, but Different

  1. Lovely photos. I’m going there in June hopefully. How did you manage to take photos at lebua? What would be the best time to go there?


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